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Welcome to my world!

The idea of starting this blog has been on my mind for a while (umm..1.5 years to be precise). I had almost given up on the thought of having a website/blog because

A) I am lazy.

B) I suck at writing, particularly in prepositions and framing sentences. (Framing pictures is way more easier!)

But then I'm finally here, so let's keep these problems aside!

First of all, I'm very grateful to be here. To be on a platform where I can share things about my experiences which I fail to share on social media. This is for those who would like to know me better, the wishes and dreams I have, the bucket-list I want to fulfill and the experiences and places I want to be :)

I would like to call it my personal diary as well, because, few years down the line, I want to come back to my old posts and see how my thought process worked as a 20-year-old-something!

Ending it on a rather short note, the constant dose of appreciation and support you have given me has made me cheerful on happy days, lifted my mood on dull ones and gave me the zeal to try out new stuff!

Till next time <3


Trish :)

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